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My personal symbol: a swirly line attached to a straight one with three dots above itAwards & Recognition  

Math and Statistics:

  1. NSF/Harshbarger Student Travel Award (2022). Southern Regional Council on Statistics 

  2. Dean's Award (2022). Moody School of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation Week

  3. Poster Presentation Award (2020 & 2021). Conference of Texas Statisticians

  4. Ph.D Fellowship [Funded by Varian] (2021-present). UT Southwestern Medical Artificial Intelligence and Automation lab.

  5. Department Award for Academic Excellence (2019). Southern Methodist University - Dept. Statistical Science

  6. Summer Institute Scholarship (2020). University of Washington Biostatstics - Summer Institute of Statistical Genetics - Forensic Genetics

  7. Summer Institute Scholarship (2020). University of Washington Biostatstics - Summer Institute in Statistics and Modelling of Infectious Diseases - MCMC for Infectious Disease



  1. Gold medal. 2023 Dallas Open Judo Championships (Novice Women -48 kg)
  2. Gold medal. 2023 President's Cup (Novice Women -48 kg)
  3. Orange Belt Rank
  4. Gold medal. NTX summer slam (Novice Women -52 kg; uncontested in -48kg)
  5. Silver medal. NTX spring slam (Novice Women -48 kg)


  1. 2022 New Years Eve Marathon 
  2. Spartan Sprint, Granbury 2022 (5k trail + 20 obstacles)
  3. 2022 Heart of Uptown 5k


  1. Young Artist Fellowship. Alberta Foundation for the Arts

  2. Award Winner.  Meadows Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition

  3. Award Winner.  Couer d'Alene Concerto Competition

  4. Award Winner.  Frank Simpson Concerto Competition

  5. Award Winner. C. P. E. Bach Concerto Competition 

  6. National Finalist (multiple years). Canada Music Competition

  7. Adjudicator's Choice: Provincial Representative  (multiple years). Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

  8. Award Winner (multiple years)Alberta Provincial Finals: Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival.

  9. Scholarship reciepient (including the Eileen Hooper medal for strings). Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival

  10. Outstanding Musical Contribution Award. Bishop Carroll High School.

  11. Interview: CBC News